About Us

A Healthy Life Starts with Healthy Food

Like many people, we have always strived to live and eat healthy.  Unfortunately, that is not always easy to do when fast food restuarants and processed foods dominate the landscape.  It is especially hard when you are trying to feed your family of six!  In our search for healthy snacks, peanut butter seemed like a good choice.  Organic peanut butter makes healthy snacks and delicious sandwiches, however, more and more schools are trying to keep peanuts out of the classroom due to the growing number of kids with peanut allergies.  This growing trend (and the fact that one of our kids will not eat peanut butter), led us to try other nut butters.  That was the start to our passion for all nut butters!

We began by purchasing the most common nut butter alternative to peanut butter, which was almond butter.  It was good, but not great.  So many store-bought nut butters add ingredients to their nut butters that we did not feel was neccessary.   Palm oil, sugar, and artificial flavors and preservatives were in many of the brands we found.  We figured if we could not find a nut butter that had the ingredients that we wanted, we would make our own, starting with plain almond butter. We endured a couple failed attempts, tweaked our recipe and technique, until it was delicous.  We were hooked.  Then we thought – If we could make amazing almond butter, then why can’t we make other nut butters as well?  Walnut butter, pecan butter, cashew butter, and coconut butter, all so good.  We loved them all.  And even more importantly, so did the kids (even our one anti-peanut butter child).

Eventually we began making nut butters all the time, trying new flavor combinations to add a little variety.  We enjoy letting the kids be our taste testers (and our friends have enjoyed it too).  As we were making more and more, we decided that there was a need and a desire in our community for healthy and delicious nut butters.  With the encouragement of our family and friends, we decided to start selling our nut butters at the local farmers’ markets, and we have been enjoying every minute. The vendors and customers really make the markets feel like family.  We have been in the Cedar Park area for over 10 years and we love that we can now help and contribute to our expanding community.

Thank you for growing with us and for your support!

With much love,

Will & Tammy